Wasser-Agenda 21

Akteurnetzwerk der Schweizer Wasserwirtschaft

Die Wasserwirtschaft befasst sich mit sämtlichen Belangen von Nutzung und Schutz des Wassers sowie mit dem Schutz von Menschen und Gütern vor dem Wasser.

Wasser-Agenda 21 funktioniert als Informationsplattform für interessenübergreifende Themen und als Forum für die Diskussion und Weiterentwicklung wichtiger wasserwirtschaftlicher Themen.


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08.09.2019 – 13.09.2019 Wien / A Kalendereintrag:

Riverine Landscapes as coupled socio-ecological Systems

6th Biennial Symposium of the ISRS

The upcoming symposium will emphasise research related to the use and protection of water resources considering complex and large river systems. Topics, such as the structure (biological, chemical, and physical) and functioning of lotic ecosystems, will be addressed through disciplines contributing to the integrative field of river science. Amongst others, these comprise aquatic and floodplain ecology, monitoring of freshwater biodiversity, food web interactions, restoration of freshwater ecosystems, hydrologic connectivity, balancing human and ecological objectives, urban ecosystems, ecotoxicology, ecosystem management and ecosystem services.

International Society for River Science


09.09.2019 – 10.09.2019 Rigi-Kaltbad Kalendereintrag:

Regenwasser weiter denken – Bemessen trifft Gestalten

Aqua Urbanica 2019

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HSR / VSA / Eawag


11.09.2019 – 12.09.2019 EPFL, Lausanne Kalendereintrag:

Hydropower Europe

Regional Consultation Workshop (Alpine Region)

The Energy Union Strategy proposes a fundamental transformation of Europe’s energy system with the ambition to achieve a low-carbon climate-resilient future in a cost-effective way. One of the best energy contributors towards a low-carbon climate-resilient future is hydropower.

The Integrated Strategic Energy Technology (SET) plan draws up the framework for moving to more sustainable, secure and competitive energy sources. Hydropower is a very flexible energy supply which can also be used to secure the new energy system by storing and supplying electricity generated by other sources, so providing an essential link for aiding the integration of different renewable supplies within the grid. A comprehensive roadmap is now needed for the sustainable use of existing hydropower and the development of the untapped hydropower potential under environmental and socio-economical constraints.

Hydropower Europe Forum


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